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what would buffy do?

23 February 1986
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my ideal role (if i switch to the dark side) would be sally bowles in cabaret (if i were a man, the emcee) im oddly obSESSed with greys anatomy. it enlightens me. MD's are necessary for daily life to go on. apples and peanut butter are the best snack ever. diet coke should be as good for you as water. im turning into a protege of my father-which is both good and bad :). i LOVE my friends more than anything in the world-the fabulous five girls in naptown, the shop girls and theatre majors, and the junior nets (and the rest of the nets too), and my classy roomie bill. will and grace forever-right husband? my life is revolving around jumbos, and i will be writing a murder mystery novel about my summer working there. ill pretty much watch any movie or read any book :) and i like books turned into movies-even if they suck. sometimes id rather do that than party--dont get me wrong i love a good party(and being the life of one). i talk a lot. my stories are long winded, but ALWAYS exciting. i find farts and poop funny, get over it :) i drink diet coke like its water. my 2 doggies are my best friends too. im a tech theatre major and im addicted to it. theatre is my life...(techies do it in the dark). i can and do use power tools. i can use light and make you look tons of different ways. i love to paint sets and i wear my overalls when i do it. im always happy when wearing my overalls. get over it. some day ill be a stage manager in NYC sharing a flat with fur :)...then youll be glad you know me. i just spent a semester in rome, italy. i miss it more than anything...almost as much as i miss theatre/teching when im not doing it. venice is my favorite city in the world, but sicily rocked too! i love to buy shoes and purses...but especially shoes. ill talk to anyone, so chat away!